Aoju Chen


‘Set-3’ Picture database

The set-3 picture database ( contains hundreds of pictures we have designed for production experiments with children aged 4 to 11 years and adults in Chinese, Korean, French, English, Swedish and Dutch. Each picture belongs to a set of three: a picture containing all information, a picture missing a piece of information, and a picture containing the missing information. The original production experiments were developed to elicit (semi-)spontaneous full-sentence answers to WH-questions and responses to certain remarks on the pictures in different focus conditions in an interactive setting across languages. But these pictures can also be used in other experiments with children and adults.

Corpus of ToDI-transcribed Dutch sentences

The Corpus of ToDI-transcribed Dutch sentences (in progress) contains hundreds of sentences produced by children aged between 4 and 11 and adults produced as responses to WH-questions or comments in Dutch. These sentences were transcribed following the ToDI (Transcription of Dutch Intonation) notation. A subset of the sentences were checked for inter-rater agreement.